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We offer auto financing for people with No credit, Bad credit, Bankruptcies 1st time buyers, repossessions, charge offs, slow pays, disability, self employed, social security, divorce & more. You won't find a program like this around!

We are fortunate in that we can help almost anyone with a solid employment history find suitable financing. From the best of the best to great people looking to re-establish credit, Cars to Go can help.

We encourage everyone with slow credit, no credit, repo's or even discharged bankruptcies to give us a call or complete an on-line application.

  • Bad Credit? No Problem!
  • No credit? No Problem!
  • Discharged Bankruptcy? No problem!
  • Down payments as low as $500!
  • In-house Financing is our business!
  • Apply online at this website 24/7!
  • Fast, easy loan approvals, less than 30 minutes!
  • You will be treated with dignity & respect!
  • Convenient Lafayette location
  • We can help improve your credit!
  • We report to all 3 Credit Bureaus every month!
  • Professional, experienced, highly trained staff!
  • Nicest selection around!
  • Several warranty options are available to choose from!
Mark Dimmich

Mark has owned Cars To Go for more than 20 years now and before that he owned Maaco body shop. Mark is originally from Boswell and all his family is very close! You can't find a nicer man than Mr. Dimmich!

Steve Sink

Steve has worked at Cars To Go since 2005 and prides himself on hard work and dedication to our customers and his job! Before Cars To Go, Steve was a Finance Manager at a large Honda store and won the Honda Presidents Award while there. Steve is not afraid of hard work. Steve is originally from Monticello.

Tina Sink

Tina has worked at Cars To Go since 2007. She is excited to see how much our business has grown in the last several years. Tina is happily married to Steve, she has 2 beautiful daughters and 2 furbabies. Before Cars To Go, Tina worked in real estate and property management.

Exactly what does Cars To Go do?

We help people with credit problems such as bankruptcies, no credit, or bad credit get reliable transportation and a car loan. Most dealerships are not prepared to deal with the credit challenged person. We are the specialist, this is what we do! We treat our customers with dignity & respect!

Have you been treated rudely or indifferent at a car lot when the salesperson found out you have credit issues? Not at Cars To Go! We have seen it all, nothing you say is going to surprise us or embarrass you! We have helped hundreds of people get in cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans.

Do you need a large down payment?

No, down pay ments start as low as $500. We know you work hard for your money. You can also use your trade in if you have one available. Even if you do not have your down payment yet, you owe it to yourself to give us a call and show you how we can help!

What are the requirements for purchasing a vehicle at Cars To Go?
  • Valid Drivers License (Indiana)
  • Proof of income (paystub or awards letter)
  • Proof of address (utility bill or lease)
  • Trade or down payment (no checks)
  • 10 references (name, address & phone number)
  • Proof of insurance
  • 3 Years local area time
How do the payments work?

Payments are based on when you get paid and how often. Most payments are weekly or bi-weekly. The date of the payment (Monday-Saturday) is selected by you. You have several ways you can make your payments:

  • Mail in a check or money order
  • Put your payment in the over night drop box
  • Sign up for auto pay
  • Call your payments in over the phone

Auto pay is the preferred payment method. All you do is store your debit or credit card number on file with us. We will pull the payment on the date you are due and you will receive an email receipt immediately. This saves you the hassle of coming in or remembering to make the payment & it saves us from having to call and remind you.

How long does it take?

Chances are, we probably have the vehicle you want in inventory right now. If you come prepared, you can probably drive home in a car the same day! About 98% of applications are APPROVED! If you bring in everything you need, once you pick the car you want, the paperwork is less than 20 minutes. There is no "sitting at the dealership & wasting your day" as other places will do to you. Get started now & complete the online application!

Can I take my vehicle to a mechanic and have him inspect if before I buy it?

YES! We wouldn't expect any less. We pay more money for our cars than the average Buy Here- Pay Here, we expect you are going to be getting a nicer car!

I have a bankruptcy, can you help?

Past bankruptcies are OK, but they must be discharged or dismissed before we can help you.

How long do I have to be on my job?

It varies. We will look at your entire situation. Things we like to see is job & residence stability for the last 3+ years.

What if I have TERRIBLE credit?

Then you better get in here so we can try to help you start re-establishing! We have been doing special finance for a long time & we are good at it! Just make sure you bring in all the paper we asked for above.

What if I am going through a divorce?

That does not disqualify you. We will need to see your information without your spouses to make sure you can afford a vehicle loan in your budget.

How much are the payments?

Payments vary based on the vehicle you choose and your down payment available. Our payments average $85-90/wk. You have the option to put a larger down payment down than what is required which will help lower your payment.

Why come to Cars To Go?

We are the experts, this is what we do! We are the bank & we make the decisions right here on site. We do not have commissioned sales people. We prefer to make people part of our family without the pressure! You will be treated with respect every time. Come see the difference.

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